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Dr. Matt L. Leavitt

It is my privilege to invite you to the 21st Anniversary of
The Orlando Live Surgery Workshop.

The Live Surgery Workshop continues to be the world's leading workshop in hair transplantation, providing cutting-edge curriculum and an intense training forum for hair restoration surgeons novice, intermediate and advanced. The Workshop is founded on a free-exchange of knowledge and clinical training, performed by the leading experts in the field. The dynamic program provides an incredible educational platform for all who participate, faculty and attendees alike. Friendships and camaraderie fostered amongst the attendees create lifelong friendships. This year's roster of events showcases a comprehensive surgical and scientific research curriculum with 12 to 15 live surgeries to be performed. We will again be implementing a mentor program and a special cutting and placing workshop for physicians. We will demonstrate multiple FUE procedures and techniques, follicular unit transplantation and special cases. A thoroughly developed Basics Program is also slated along with an exciting range of next generation topics and techniques. We are grateful for the support of our faculty and staff, who continue to provide quality education year after year.

Special thanks to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, our Clinic Sponsor-Bosley and our corporate supporters for their gracious support. I look forward to seeing you April 26-29, 2017.

Matt L. Leavitt

Matt L. Leavitt, D.O., Program Chair
Live Surgery Workshop

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