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"The Annual ISHRS Orlando Live Surgery Workshop carries on the tradition of excellence, completeness, openness, sharing and fellowship. Both participants and faculty were physically and mentally exhausted at the conclusion of this intense four-day meeting, but we all left taking something new with us... an all embracing meeting that included something for everybody, including an extensive beginners workshop, 12 live surgical procedures, and extensive open and lively discussions on an expansive menu of topics. Veteran surgeons and beginners enjoyed intense and intimate exchanges in the hallways, buses, and dinner tables debating cutting-edge ideas."

E. Antonio Mangubat, M.D.
Past-President of ISHRS

Cadaver Workshop Available Daily

Special Surgical Techniques

  • Eyebrow and Eyelash Transplantation
  • Performing 2500+ Grafts with Efficiency and Comfort for the Patient
  • FUE - How to Perform Efficiently
  • Trichophytic Closures
  • Different FUE Methods
  • More Grafts, Greater Speed, Better Quality
  • Coronal Incision Transplant
  • Class VI-VII Transplants
  • Transplantation with Hair Systems
  • Corrective Surgery
  • Ethnic Considerations
  • Female Patients
  • Dense Packing
  • Frontal Forelock
  • Numerous Cutting Techniques & Implantation
  • Natural Hairline Hands-on Design Workshop

New Instruments/Techniques

  • ARTAS Robot - live demo
  • Follicular Unit Extraction
  • Lasers for Hair Growth
  • Special Emphasis on Dense Packing
  • Newest Implantation Instrumentation
  • Dissecting Microscope--Hands-on Experience
  • Donor strip with FUE Technqiues
  • FUE Devices-Manual vs. motorized live demo

Hair Loss and Research Symposium

  • Genetic Research
  • Follicular Regeneration
  • Graft Storage--New Solutions
  • Medical Update--What's New
  • Coronal vs. Sagital Recipient Site Incisions
  • How to Obtain Higher Growth Rates
  • Lasers for Hair Growth Do They Work?
  • Growth Factors and the Wound Healing

Selective Hands-on Participations:

Participants will rotate through a variety of cutting stations with hands-on participation allowed.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction vs. Strip
  • Laser Studies in Hair Growth and Wound Healing Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP)
  • Treatment of Hair Loss and Eyelashes - Latisse
  • Cross Hatching

Practice Management

  • The Importance of the Surgical Team & Selecting Staff
  • Managing the Surgical Flow
  • Designing the Perfect Facility
  • Marketing - How Leaders Build a Practice
  • Risk Management
  • Consents and Paper Work

Panel Discussions

  • Pre-Op Consultation
  • Donor Harvesting
  • Recipient Sites
  • Young Patient
  • Difficult Cases and Complications
  • Hairline Design
  • Post-operative
  • Body Hair
  • Scalp Conditions: Diseases and Skin Cancers

Basics Workshop

  • Instructional and Tutorial Courses

Course for Beginners

  • Comprehensive lectures ranging from Etiology to donor harvesting, recipient sites and FUE

New Dermoscopy Workshop

  • Hands-on evaluation techniques

Exciting New Special Sessions

  • Hands-on cutting and placement with personal instruction featuring new life-like models

Cadaver Workshop

  • Donor and recipient tutorials
  • Hands-on donor harvesting and recipient sites tutorials for physicians
  • Hands-on cutting and placing

Mentor Program

  • Hands-on Practical Training
  • Unique Cutting/Placing

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